Sens Foods, Germany and Czech Republic


Redesign, Visual identity, Logo design, Packaging design


Sens is a company with a mission: to change the way we eat. They hope to teach people that there is a sustainable alternative to conventional protein sources -- insects.

The challenge of the project was to create a visual identity that is modern and communicates the futuristic ideas of the company, while also building an appealing food brand for regular consumers.


The solution came from the brand's new claim: "maximum nutrition/minimal harm". Starting from this idea, we created a visual identity rooted in contrasts, based on 45 degree angles inspired by the idea of opposite ideas working together. A style of collage was also created in order to bring emotion and taste appeal into the packaging design and brand communication.

The packaging design part of the project was challenging because of the multiple types of products, and the portfolio architecture’s differing requirements. The resulting packaging design system includes a way of differentiating products with high-protein content from those with low protein, as well as a consistent way of creating the collage for each SKU.

The redesign included visual identity guidelines, packaging design, as well as communication design, web design and POSM materials.

Photography by Wilhelm Kinga.

Sens redesign, branding, visual identity, packaging design

The project also included a logo design task. The result is a custom-made wordmark that follows the 45 degree angle and acts as a connector of the two areas that are defined in every layout. The letter s wraps around the diagonal cut and thus creates the focus point of each packaging design layout.

Sens redesign, Sens design, Sens packaging design, Sens brandingSens protein bars redesign, branding, visual identity, packaging design
Sens protein bars redesign, branding, visual identity, packaging designSens redesign, branding, visual identity, packaging design

The output of the project, besides the packaging design for all the products, was a comprehensive visual identity guidelines document that comprises the packaging design system, the out-of-pack visual identity and a number of applications and corporate material layouts.

Sens redesign, branding, visual identity, guidelines