Wild. kombucha
A fermentation brand that aims to change the landscape of commercialised kombucha
Visual identity, Packaging design, WEB design
Building an expansive CBD product portfolio that spans flavours, sizes and ranges.
Visual identity, Packaging design, Logo design
Happease packaging design, Happease branding, Happease design, CBD product design
Creating a fully functional visual identity system for a visionary Czech transport company
Visual identity, GUIDelines, corporate design
A full redesign project for a company trying to make eating insects the new normal
Visual identity, Packaging design, Logo design
Sens redesign, Sens design, Sens packaging design, Sens branding
Redesigning a Czech lovebrand - a new alphabet for a premium fruit liqueur
Packaging design
Zufanek packaging design, Zufanek redesign
Building an ever-growing lemonade and syrup brand from scratch
Visual identity, Packaging design, Logo design
Marlon studio logo
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